Thursday, March 11, 2010

Media Training And Coach Works

Media entirety clients ambit from star hospitals to police departments, and from multinational resorts to swop associations. PR agencies, universities, and law firms individual called upon Media Entireness Resourcefulness Foregather for primary media employment presentations and seminars. Others used their media interview Media training to be more effective in small local newspapers, radio interviews, and specialized trade publications. Mark brought the credibility, wit, wisdom, honesty and direction our team sought. The message development workshops were big hits and achieved exactly what we wanted and needed. Furthermore, Mark’s commitment continued well beyond the multiple workshops he conducted. He has become a trusted partner and advisor to our management team.

Led by a former national correspondent, Media Works Resource Group is a Media Trainer and Consulting firm like no other. Just ask our clients, who range from healthcare to Hollywood. Media Coach sessions are unlike any other you will find in the industry. When the news is bad, we offer round the clock crisis consulting and training. We will assist you in coming up with “bullet proof” messaging, and help you anticipate the most likely questions and objections. Using the same proven techniques we employ for every media training session, MediaWorks offers expert training for speeches, sales pitches, and other presentations. Because we are ex broadcast journalists, we are natural experts when it comes to professional video production. Whether it’s a video news release, an industrial project, or a training video, MediaWorks and our partners can take charge of your project from concept to completion.